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37.5 Mattress Pad

Credits to Brookstone

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37.5 Mattress Pad Review

I recommend FUTURE TEXTILES 37.5 Mattress Pad to absolutely everyone! You just can't get any better product in relation price-quality!

37.5 Mattress Pad Description

Get the best night's sleep-every night. Natural active minerals continuously adjust to help maintain a more comfortable microclimate while you sleep Provides breathability, moisture management, and next-to-skin comfort-just like high-performance active wear Moves moisture away from your body and helps it evaporate to keep you cool when it's hot out and warm when it's cold out Made with activated carbon from coconut shells 37.5 technology is permanent and won't wash out or degrade The 37.5 advantage. When you're trying to sleep, room temperature is important...but it's the personal microclimate created within your bedding that really matters. As your body sweats throughout the night, traditional bedding is unable to deal with the excess moisture and heat. But bedding made with 37.5 technology helps your body better manage moisture vapor and heat to maintain an optimum comfort zone, allowing you to sleep better and longer. How 37.5 technology works. Naturally derived activated minerals are permanently embedded into 37.5 fibers to capture and remove moisture vapor, helping to keep your personal microclimate just the way you like it. To start, 37.5 microparticles have high surface area and a natural attraction for moisture, which combine to effectively pull humidity and moisture away from your body. Then, the microparticles selectively absorb body energy and use it to speed up the evaporation of the captured moisture. The result is that you stay perfectly comfortable all night long-no matter what the temperature around you is! Order your 37.5 Mattress Pad from Brookstone today!

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