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AquaClear 70 Foam Filter (3 Pack)

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AquaClear 70 Foam Filter (3 Pack) Review

I have no regrets about buying the AquaClear 70 Foam Filter (3 Pack). This has exclusive price on it and you won't find any better anywhere else.

AquaClear 70 Foam Filter (3 Pack) Description

AquaClear 70 Foam Filter (3 pack) Mechanically filters dirt and debris. Tailored fit prevents bypass. Large capacity for waste capture. Long lasting and reusable. For fresh and salt water use! AquaClear 70 Foam Filter mechanically filters dirt and debris from your aquarium water. The tailored fit prevents water from bypassing it, ensuring better overall filtration. Its large capacity allows for capture of uneaten food, waste and other particulates in the water and its porous construction provides numerous attachments for beneficial bacteria, adding to the biological filtration in the aquarium ecosystem. If rinsed out on a regular basis, the AquaClear Foam Filter is reusable and lasts longer than other replacement filter cartridges. So purchase one today! This product can be used for both fresh and saltwater aquariums!