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Beer Making Kit: Jalapeno Saison

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Beer Making Kit: Jalapeno Saison Review

For 39.95 it is really a good choice. It is nice ales from Brooklyn Brew Shop . Beer Making Kit: Jalapeno Saison is just wonderful, one of most favorable products at category.

Beer Making Kit: Jalapeno Saison Description

There's nothing better than inviting friends over, giving them a beer, and saying ""I made this!"" It's carbonated. It's alcohol. It's beer, and because you used fresh, whole ingredients and brewed it the way people have for centuries, it's really good beer. The kit includes everything you need: a mix of your choice, a 1-gallon glass fermenter, a 3-piece chambered airlock, a screw top stopper, a thermometer, plastic tubing, a tubing clamp, a racking cane and sanitizer.With this Jalapeno Season, Brookly Brew added a crisp, spicy Jalapeno to a light, easy-drinking beer for a healthy kick. Great with nachos, ceviche, fish tacos, and anything off the grill.