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Bird Gard SUPER PRO, Crow Unit

Credits to Gemplers

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Bird Gard SUPER PRO, Crow Unit Review

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Bird Gard SUPER PRO, Crow Unit Description

Bird Gard bird repeller is a cost-effective tool in your integrated pest management arsenal. It provides a wide selection of fully programmable digital bird distress and predator sounds in a compact case designed for many applications such as vineyards and orchards. Bird repelling system features custom time delays, such as: day, night, 24-hour and random operation. Adjustable volume control. Ideal for larger applications with coverage up to 6 acres. Redesigned with replaceable recording chips. Each chip holds eight different recorded bird distress, predator or harassment sounds. Easily change chips during different seasons. Unit has four built-in amplifiers and four external speakers each with a 1009;L cable. The unit mounts to pipe or flat surface using the included mounting hardware and bracket. 109;L battery cable with clips included. USA made. NOTE: Crow chip included.