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Hope Pro 4 148mm Boost Rear Hub

Credits to Jenson USA

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Hope Pro 4 148mm Boost Rear Hub Review

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Hope Pro 4 148mm Boost Rear Hub Description

Hope Pro hubs have gained a reputation for being exceptionally versatile, as they can be adapted to just about any axle size and cassette arrangement. Holding true to tradition and building upon the charms of the Pro 2 series hubs, Hope introduces their Pro 4 series hubs which come to us refined with larger flange diameters to improve wheel stiffness, and also allow more interior room for a bigger ratcheting ring, now biting with 44 teeth for a noticeable improvement in engagement speed, equating to snappier accelerations and an overall more responsive ride. Additionally, the freehub body has been lengthened to accommodate the ever so popular 11-speed cassettes from Shimano and SRAM. Knowing that none of this would mean anything if the hubs innards didn't hold up to the rigors of riding, Hope didn't hesitate to use a bigger inboard freehub body bearing to improve durability. All of these new features come with little-to-no change in weight over the Pro 2 hubs. The wide-design 148mm Boost employs dedicated hub shells built with broader spoke flange spacing that play nicely with Hopes new Boost specific chainrings that feature 3mm offsets to maintain a proper chainline. Features: 4 Pawl Ratchet with 44 tooth engagement (8.2 deg) Sealed Stainless Steel cartridge bearings for durabilityMachined from forged 2014 T6 aluminum billet keeps weight lowBoost 148mm hub width and designed to take a 12mm thru axleStandard 6 bolt disc fittingLarger spoke flange to enable stiffer wheel buildsUnsurpassed reliabilityWeight 311g Specifications: Designed specifically to suit a frame with a Boost 148x12 rear endAluminium or steel freehub body optionsAvailable in 28, 32 and 36 hole drillingsSupplied with freehubs to suit 10/11spd Shimano or Sram XD cassetteWeight: 311g for 36 hole version with a Shimano 11spd alloy freehub bodyHub flanges move outboard 3mm compared to standard Pro 4 rear hub to increase complete wheel stiffness**Note**148mm hub uses a different wider hub shell and axle compared to standard 135mm Pro 4 rear hub