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Hypro Pump -- 6-roller Cast Iron

Credits to Gemplers

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Hypro Pump -- 6-roller Cast Iron Review

Nice and very style. But there are some negatives too. Probably I would buy Hypro Pump -- 6-roller Cast Iron again.

Hypro Pump -- 6-roller Cast Iron Description

This Hypro roller pump is designed for economical transfer of agricultural and industrial chemicals, including pesticides. Economical rotary action requires no check valves and a lower starting torque than other pumps. Use this 6-roller cast iron Hypro pump for general spraying. Assembled in USA. NOTE: For pumping soil fumigants, glyphosates and insecticides containing phosphates, use Hypro Silvercast 4-Roller Pump (Item No. 162406) . Maximum Flow: 9.7 GPM @ 540 rpm and 18.2 GPM @ 1,000 rpm Maximum Pressure: 300 psi Maximum Rated Speed: 1,200 rpm Shaft Size: 5/8"" Solid Shaft Rotation: Counter Clockwise Weight: 9 lbs.