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Michelin Pilot Road 3 B-Spec Radial Rear Tire

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Michelin Pilot Road 3 B-Spec Radial Rear Tire Review

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Michelin Pilot Road 3 B-Spec Radial Rear Tire Description

Dual-compound sport touring tubeless radial Specifically designed for loaded sport touring or riding two-up Made of environmentally sound 100% non-aromatic-oil rubber compounds Two Compound Technology (2CT) offers wear resistance in the center of the tread and grip on the shoulders; where you need it most Semi-soft rubber compound on the tread shoulders - 40% of the tire profile; each side Medium rubber compound down the middle 20% of the tire Grooved area (tread void) is 15.7% of tread pattern on the rear tire Revolutionary X-Sipe technology delivers all-weather performance without compromising tread life or handling Unrivaled grip in the wet; thanks to revolutionary X-Sipe Technology (XST) Even wear and life-long performance thanks to full-depth XST sipes Sipes generate pressures at the edge of the sipe blade; which helps break through water film Sipes also increase the tread's drainage capacity Remarkable all-weather grip for sport touring Surpasses the performance of the renowned Michelin Pilot Road 2 tire Exceptional durability; performance that lasts This motorcycle tire is tubeless These sport touring motorcycle tires are W rated for speeds up to 168 mph Available in the following motorcycle tire sizes: 180/55ZR-17 and 190/55ZR-17