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Model Gas Pump with Clock 1:4

Credits to Brookstone

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Model Gas Pump with Clock 1:4 Review

This is the best OLD MODERN HANDICRAFTS product I've ever had! I love Model Gas Pump with Clock 1:4!

Model Gas Pump with Clock 1:4 Description

A stunning antique gas pump to display in your home or office! The first gas pumps were built in the 1880s by the Bowser Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana, followed in 1898 by pumps that could pull fuel from an underground tank. This beautiful antique replica gas pump has a working clock and is soldered, hand shaped, and hand painted in red. The decaled insignia and painted details give more of an authentic look. Intricate details are portrayed in the text, license plates, and metal wiring. It is made of iron and carefully handcrafted with an average of forty man-hours to complete. Features a 100% iron frame and rubber gas hose. Clock uses one AA battery (battery not included) . Materials: Iron. Dimensions: 7.5L x 4.5W x 21L; Weight: 3.1 lbs