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Credits to Brookstone

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Tankbot Review

No doubts, that Brookstone is one of best producer of this music. All of my mates tell me, that I must buy Tankbot. The earlier I buy it, the better it is.

Tankbot Description

Robots have never been this fun. Tankbots are more than just robots-they're home robots with technology that's sure to wow. Every bot has special sensors that detect obstacles to navigate their way out of a maze. Watch them move around corners, advance along their path and stop if something gets in their way. Choose from three modes for hours of fun. When not magically escaping any maze set up, you can enjoy the "Autonomous Personality Mode" to see how it interacts with its light-up eyes and sounds. Or control it using your iPod, iPhone, iPad tablet devices or Android smartphone. Tankbots recharge with an integrated USB flip-out connector you plug into any standard USB port. And run 15 minutes on a 40-minute charge. Battle it out with more than one Tankbot. More than once is twice the fun. Tankbots "fire" infrared shots at each other and the sensors detect when they've been hit. After enough shots, the champion disables the loser. Their durable tank-tread wheels keep them rolling on the "battlefield" and off. Get ready for hours of fun with Tankbots from Brookstone.

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