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USB 2.0 to DVI Display Adapter (1920x1080)

Credits to Monoprice

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USB 2.0 to DVI Display Adapter (1920x1080) Review

I love all of product from Monoprice. When I was buying USB 2.0 to DVI Display Adapter (1920x1080) in that shop, it is on my street, there are so kind assistants. Many thanks!

USB 2.0 to DVI Display Adapter (1920x1080) Description

Would you like to add a second monitor to your computer, but have only one video output? If you have an available USB 2.0 port, you can easily add a second display with this USB to DVI Adapter from Monoprice! This adapter connects to an open USB 2.0 port on a desktop or laptop PC and produces a DVI output at resolutions up to 1920x1080. It comes with adapters so you can convert the output to HDMI or VGA, as needed.The adapter is compatible with Windows XP and later, Mac OS X 10.4 and later, and the Linux operating system. The extra display can be configured as the primary display, a mirror of the primary display, or as an extension of the current desktop. The latter ability gives you the ability to see more open programs at the same time, which greatly increases productivity when working with multiple programs.Note: Because the primary output of this device is DVI, and because DVI does not support audio, the output from the DVI-to-HDMI adapter will not have audio.*** 30-day easy returns. No restocking fee. Free lifetime technical support. 1 year warranty. ***